Custom Silicone Vacuum Hose Products from TOGOHK

TOGOHK offers customizable silicone vacuum hose products to meet various specifications. Whether you need 5/32-inch vacuum tubing or hoses designed for high-temperature environments, our product range caters to diverse needs across industries.


Using Silicone Vacuum Hoses Across Industries

Silicone vacuum hoses find extensive applications in the automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. TOGOHK’s silicone vacuum hoses provide tailored solutions for different system operations in various industries.

Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für spezielle Vakuumschlauchanwendungen

TOGOHK ist sich bewusst, dass Standardspezifikationen möglicherweise nicht für alle Geräte geeignet sind, und konzentriert sich daher auf die Bereitstellung maßgeschneiderter Lösungen für einzigartige Anforderungen an Vakuumschläuche. Unsere Ingenieure können Sie bei der Entwicklung von Silikon-Vakuumschläuchen unterstützen, die spezifische Anforderungen und Anwendungen erfüllen, nachdem sie die Struktur und Funktionalität Ihres Produkts verstanden haben.


TOGOHK employs the extrusion process in the manufacturing of silicone vacuum hoses. The silicone material is pushed through a screw to a specific-shaped mold, extruding vacuum hoses of the required shape and size. We can produce silicone hoses with inner diameters ranging from 0.3mm to 500mm.

Custom Colors and Different Silicone Material Hardness:

We can provide silicone vacuum hoses in custom colors based on your precise Pantone specifications. Our professional color-matching facility ensures accurate silicone color paste formulations according to your specified colors. Regarding silicone material hardness, we offer silicone materials ranging from 5 to 80 degrees, catering to different applications.

Ensuring Quality through Certification and Stringent Testing:

Quality assurance is a top priority at TOGOHK. Our materials comply with international standards such as RoHs, Reach, FDA, and LFGB.

If you have further questions or require more information, feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing comprehensive and customized silicone vacuum hose solutions to meet your unique needs and establish a reliable partnership.


Q1: What are the different types of silicone vacuum hoses offered by TOGOHK?
A1: TOGOHK provides a diverse range of silicone vacuum hoses, including 5/32 vacuum tubing, red vacuum hoses, high-temperature silicone vacuum hoses, reinforced hoses, and more.

Q2: Can I request custom colors for silicone vacuum hoses?
A2: Yes, TOGOHK offers a wide range of colors, allowing clients to request custom hues for silicone vacuum hoses based on their branding or application needs.

Q3: How does TOGOHK ensure the durability of reinforced silicone vacuum hoses?
A3: TOGOHK reinforces silicone vacuum hoses to enhance durability, ensuring they withstand tough industrial applications with ease.

Q4: Are there specific silicone vacuum hoses suitable for high-temperature environments?
A4: Yes, TOGOHK’s high-temperature silicone vacuum hoses are designed to withstand challenging environments with elevated temperatures.

Q5: What is the extrusion process used in the manufacturing of silicone vacuum hoses?
A5: TOGOHK utilizes the extrusion process, ensuring precision and efficiency in the manufacturing of silicone vacuum hoses.

Q6: Can TOGOHK provide silicone suction hoses for industrial applications?
A6: Yes, TOGOHK offers silicone suction hoses designed for efficient performance in various industrial environments.

Q7: How does silicone material hardness affect the performance of vacuum hoses?
A7: Silicone material hardness plays a crucial role in performance. TOGOHK offers different hardness options to suit varied applications.

Q8: Does TOGOHK offer efficient shipping services for international buyers?
A8: Yes, TOGOHK has a global reach and provides efficient shipping services to international buyers, ensuring timely delivery of silicone vacuum hoses.

Q9: What certifications do TOGOHK’s silicone vacuum hoses carry?
A9: TOGOHK’s silicone vacuum hoses carry relevant certifications, aligning with international standards for quality and reliability.

Q10: How can international buyers customize silicone vacuum hoses based on their specific needs?
A10: TOGOHK collaborates with international buyers to tailor silicone vacuum hoses to their specific requirements, offering customization in color, hardness, and design.



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