Custom Silicone Parts Manufacturer in China

TOGOHK provides custom silicone parts and high-temperature molded components for any business. We offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions for your silicone parts and have 20 years of experience in the silicone parts manufacturing industry.

  • Choose the right silicone material for your parts project
  • Optimize mold structure to provide solutions for your custom silicone parts
  • Quick delivery, with samples provided in 7-10 days
  • Over 1000+ silicone rubber parts projects served

TOGOHK Custom Silicone Parts

Silicone parts are primarily used in sealing systems, industrial components, protective covers, medical applications, automotive, household items, and more.These silicone parts are made from industrial-grade, food-grade, and medical-grade silicone materials.The materials are soft, non-slip, and can be combined with other materials for added strength.

TOGOHK manufactures custom silicone parts according to your design requirements and provides custom mold services. We have a stable surface treatment supply chain, capable of printing, water transfer printing, in-mold heat transfer, and surface spraying. Our silicone materials have a wide range of hardness, ensuring that we can produce silicone parts that not only have a consistent appearance but also meet all your custom requirements.

Choose TOGOHK Silicone Parts Service

Kundenspezifische Gestaltung

TOGOHK offers CAD and PRO-E design support, providing quick design suggestions.


We have 16 molding machines ranging from 200 to 500 tons, allowing us to manufacture larger products.


We produce in our own factory using advanced production lines at reasonable prices, ensuring your product stands out in the market.

Zusätzliche Leistungen

We ensure stable delivery times and can also provide custom packaging and reliable logistics services for your products.

Silicone Material Characteristics

TOGOHK offers various silicone materials with different characteristics. We can provide silicone parts that meet the specific working environment requirements of different partners, including the following custom features:

  • Shore hardness from 10 to 90
  • Benutzerdefinierte Farben
  • Kundenspezifische Formen
  • Special application material formulations
Silicone Material Characteristics
Durability of Silicone Rubber

Durability of Silicone Rubber

Compared to plastic, silicone material will not melt or release harmful gases at temperatures exceeding 300°F (149°C).

Our silicone parts can maintain normal functionality at 428°F (220°C). Additionally, we can customize specific low-temperature silicone materials and specific high-temperature silicone materials based on your usage requirements, providing tailored solutions for silicone parts used in different environments.

Your Trusted Silicone Parts Manufacturer in China


TOGOHK has been a manufacturer in the silicone parts industry for over 15 years. With our accumulated years of production experience and industry resources, we have our own state-of-the-art automated custom equipment that can efficiently handle orders for different silicone products every day. Our headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China, the processing and manufacturing hub of China, with convenient international logistics for fast delivery worldwide.

Confidentiality Agreement for Silicone Parts
Confidentiality Agreement for Silicone Parts

TOGOHK offers various types of silicone parts, and we can sign a confidentiality agreement for your new project to ensure the uniqueness of your product. The agreement can include:

  • Protection of product appearance
  • Protection of function and structure
  • Prohibition of external sales
  • Exclusive rights to mold usage
Development Process for Silicone Rubber Parts
Development Process for Silicone Rubber Parts

TOGOHK requires the following steps to understand and confirm the initial development of your parts:

  • Understand the product’s application
  • Bestimmen Sie den Designplan
  • Review the feasibility of mass production
  • Discuss surface treatment
  • Finalize packaging

Custom Silicone Part Services at TOGOHK

Professional Team at TOGOHK

TOGOHK boasts a strong R&D team composed of engineers from various fields, dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive custom silicone parts solution. You can provide us with design files in the following formats:

  • DXF
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • IGS
  • STEP
Umfassende Qualitätskontrolle
Strict Quality System

At TOGOHK, we are committed to stringent quality control to meet your silicone parts requirements. We utilize professional instruments for quality testing, including:

  • Salzsprühtest Kammer
  • Zugprüfmaschine
  • High-Temperature Testing Oven
  • Härtetester
Professionelles Silikon-Team
Quick Response

When you reach out with product inquiries, our sales team will contact you as quickly as possible:

  • We take every inquiry seriously.
  • Custom silicone services are our specialty.
  • We respond to inquiries within 12 hours.
Silicone Parts molding
Ready to Start Your Silicone Parts Project?

TOGOHK from Shenzhen, China, the high-end product manufacturing hub, has our own independent production workshop. We offer competitive prices, global logistics centers, and a high-quality management system.


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